Montag, 7. Juni 2021 um 19.30 Uhr (Zoom-Veranstaltung)
Veranstalter: Fakultät für Architektur der TU München
Referenten: The Landscape Studio, Kenya

Mit Unterstützung von Schnitzer&

The Landscape Studio is a small award winning Landscape architecture and design firm based between East Africa and Spain, founded and run by Chloe and Michael Humphreys.

The studio has already created solutions for a diverse portfolio of projects around East Africa and Europe with a focus on being gentle and sensitive within the landscape.
The aim is to achieve a restored balance with design solutions where the spaces in which we interact with our natural environment are mutually beneficial for the ecosystem and the people that inhabit it, and to explore the creation of new paradigms for these spaces, where urban, rural and natural can co-exist in a healthy balance.

Key to achieving these goals are their focus to improve biodiversity and the ecology on their sites and to investigate sustainable and locally sourced hardscape and planting solutions. They both love to explore the use of materials within their projects always fully researching local and culturally significant solutions. As a result, observation of the existing conditions and understanding the context are fundamental to their approach.

Their practice comes with an acute sense of responsibility. They aim to produce fair and sustainable solutions that can stand the intensity of change in our times, whilst providing liveable spaces that can age with beauty and dignity.

MONTAGSREIHE ist eine Serie von Werkvorträgen an der Fakultät für Architektur der Technischen Universität München. Die Reihe versteht sich als bereichernder Beitrag im Münchener Architekturdiskurs zwischen Architekturschaffenden, Studierenden und Architekturinteressierten. Aufgrund der Pandemie wandert der Vortragszyklus Montagsreihe aus den Sälen der TU München in den digitalen Raum.

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