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Montagsreihe: Beeli Furlan Architects / TU München

Montagsreihe: Beeli Furlan Architects / TU München

Beeli Furlan Architects

Montag, 6. Mai 2019 um 19.00 Uhr
TU München, Ecke Gabelsberger-/Luisenstraße
Hörsaal 0360, 80333 München
Veranstalter: Fakultät für Architektur
Referenten: Giulia Furlan & Mario Beeli Architects, Mailand/Zürich

Mit Unterstützung von Schnitzer&

Die MONTAGSREIHE ist eine Serie von Werkvorträgen an der Fakultät für Architektur der Technischen Universität München. Die Reihe versteht sich als bereichernder Beitrag im Münchener Architekturdiskurs zwischen Architekten, Studierenden und Architekturinteressierten. Die Vorträge finden montags um 19 Uhr im Hörsaal 0360 (Ecke Gabelsberger-/Luisenstraße) im Hauptgebäude der TU München statt.

Beeli Furlan Architects was founded in 2016 by Mario Beeli (1983) and Giulia Furlan (1985). Since it was founded, Beeli Furlan Architects has been committed to explore both the physical and ideational potential of architecture. As an integral part of their work, Giulia and Mario have engaged actively in teaching and research activities. Their practice aims to make architecture with dimensions that reach beyond the limitations of the measurable. An architecture that belongs to the domain of imagination but which anyone is able to decode into a personal image that is exciting and meaningful. They seek to make architecture that can trigger an emotional sizing which goes beyond facts to carve deeper into the lives of those experiencing it fostering their ability to shape the world through personal feelings and thoughts. Their understanding of space, as a site of physical confrontation imbued with experiences and fantasies, has its roots in the fascination for enigmatic phenomena.