„Inspiration - Contemporary Design Methods in Architecture“ in der Architekturgalerie

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„Inspiration - Contemporary Design Methods in Architecture“ in der Architekturgalerie


Die Architekturgalerie München e.V. lädt ein zur Buchpräsentation

Contemporary Design Methods in Architecture

Montag, 10. Dezember 2012 um 19.00 Uhr
Architekturgalerie München, Türkenstraße 30, 80333 München
Eingang über die Architekturbuchhandlung L.Werner
Mit Mark Mückenheim und Juliane Demel

Die Architekturgalerie wird unterstützt von CAD-Solutions - GRAPHISOFT Center München/Nordbayern/Regensburg

Design methodology in architecture and design has changed significantly over the last ten years, taking on major significance. More than ever, graphic attributes are used in contemporary architecture. A number of these new design methods and applications emerged through the use of digital media, leading to a paradigm shift in the way we design. BIS Publishers has already showcased these new design methods in a series of small books on form experiments in architecture and design, such as Folding Architecture and Supersurfaces (Vyzoviti) and Modular Structures (Agkatidis), but no comprehensive book on the topic had been published until now.

Inspiration: Contemporary Design Methods in Architecture is a comprehensive compilation of work samples and ideas on design and gestalt, illustrations and graphic configurations, textures and structures, as well as form and spatial development. This book features more than 800 examples of abstract compositions that relate to architectural design methods and principles. These methodologies find their ground in the work of contemporary architectural design practice, while still being highly applicable to other related creative fields. Inspiration showcases hundreds of examples, models, sketches, and renderings of abstract architectural design applications. In addition to this substantial body of visual work, the book also documents and details the generative process and production of these design creations.

"A fascinating book which shows how the application of non figurative, abstract spatial patterns need no longer be seen as a reductive design methodology. Instead, through a complex and richer use than ever before, these devices can be implemented throughout the three dimensional organisation of a project. A great reference book with many wonderful examples for architects, students and anybody interested in the profession." - Ben Van Berkel -

Mark Mückenheim is the founder and principal of MCKNHM Architects BDA (www.mcknhm.com) in Düsseldorf, Germany. He has lectured and acted as a guest critic at numerous institutions in Germany and abroad. Among other schools, he taught for more than six years at the distinguished RWTH Aachen before being appointed as a visiting professor for principles of architectural design at the Technical University Munich from 2009 to 2012. His award winning work has been featured in various international book and journal publications and has also gained reputation through a number of exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Educated in Germany, the United States, and England, sponsored by a Fulbright scholarship and a DAAD grant from the German government, Mückenheim received his Master of Architecture from Parsons School of Design, New York, and his Graduate Diploma in Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

Juliane Demel is an assistant professor and research assistant at the Architecture department, chair for principles of architectural design at the Technical University Munich. Before her teaching engagement at the TUM, she worked at CAUPD in Beijing, where she conducted a research on Chinas sustainable development for the reconstruction of the earthquake effected area Beichuan under sustainable aspects. Educated in Germany and at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, she received her Diploma in Architecture and Urban Design from the University Braunschweig, Germany.

Contemporary Design Methods in Architecture
Author: Mark Muckenheim and Juliane Demel
BIS Publishers, Amsterdam
Englisch, Hard Cover, 29,5 x 23,6 cm, 274 Pages
over 800 Images in Color and Black and White
ISBN 978-90-6369-267-4

Text und Abbildung: BIS Publishers